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WATCH Gekkopod 1.5 Minute

Gekkopod is a flexible tripod that adjusts to any surface and can hold all smartphones,
action cameras, and compact cameras in countless positions.

The mount is easy to use and quick to set up with a myriad of uses practically anywhere and

GEKKOPOD The smartest tripod in the world

Buy easily in three simple steps: Select your Package!

 Most of our customers buy gifts and we can lower the price! Choose your package:

Gekkopod Store
Gekkopod City

Hangs on the mirror of your car, on the treadmill, your supermarket cart and more 

Gekkopod Office
Gekkopod OutDoor

Hang your mobile or tablet comfortably on your office desk

Out Door

Hang your mobile while riding your bicycle or on a tree branch and take a selfie 

Gekkopod Unique Features
Gekkopod Unique Mobile Clip


Gekkopod info
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